The Season Finale

So, tonight is the season finale of Top Gear..I realize that’s a little bit confusing, so let me explain.

We did 10 shows the first season.  Then, we got the green light to shoot 10 more shows for season 2. Well History watched some of the stuff we shot for season 2 and liked it so much that they ordered 6 more shows, so in an effort to get the shows out quicker to those who wanted to see them, we finished 8 and aired those, and then worked on the 2nd half of the season and that’s what’s been airing for the last two months.

TV’s funny how not everything airs right after we shoot it…For example, on last week’s show where I flipped the SuperLite truck, that was last April.  That’s the most extreme example I think we’ve had, but sometimes it happens like that.

This week’s a really fun one…the producers called us and said “Pick the worst car you can for one of the other hosts…they’re going to do the same for you.”  GAME ON!  SO I searched high and low and somehow found the perfect car….You’ll have to see what it was.

Also, T shirts are finally going on sale this week! YEAH !!! Go check ‘em out! We’ve got some new stickers too…some funky ones are on their way too because my cousin Andy who’s an amazing artist and elementary school art teacher in Chicago is working on some new designs as we speak.

I am a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy so I’ve always loved sites like BustedTees, Snorg Tees, and of course Threadless (which is way cool if you haven’t seen it) so I think we’re going to make some fun ones too that might not have anything to do with anything else :)

Big thanks to Victor from Emergency Hookers Towing (Great name!) who’s our transport guy on TopGear for helping me get my Chevy K5 Blazer home to me in Atlanta.  It’s the one that had the boat tail on it in the show where we went through Death Valley…I love that thing and can’t wait to take that bad boy on some trails and get it in the mud!  Look for pics in the Garage real soon.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this season of Top Gear and I hope I get to do a “We get to do season 3”  blog very soon!

30 thoughts on “The Season Finale

  1. Rutledge – we have conversed a couple times on Twitter — if you can legitimately call it that. Usually we wind up talking about you – and your kids. I’m so glad you’re blogging. So glad you’re spending more time on History Channel . . . and, of course, doing stuff on Speed. (the channel…)

    A previous poster is right — you are terrific. So down to earth, hilarious, and fun to watch. Thanks for doing what you do — and being very real for your viewers and listeners!

    • HI Angie, Thanks so much for the kind words. I really appreciate it. I’m just a guy who’s lucky to do something he loves…Thanks for reading! Take care!

  2. I’ve been a huge fan of the “original” Top Gear for years, and I have to say that I’ve also become a huge fan of the “Top Gear America”. I thought it would be hard for anyone to run with or for that matter top, Jeremy, Richard and James from the BBC, but you guys do. Please let there be many seasons to follow.

  3. Rut! Absolutely love the show and it’s great to have a local Atlanta guy on it. You are what make’s that show, in my opinion. Loved the K-5 from the Death Valley episode. Let me know when you hit up some trails, I’ll meet up with ya in my ’99 2-door Tahoe!

  4. Great show last night! Loved the thought that went into picking America’s worst car! I have to say you guys nailed it! The only one missing, might have been an AMC Pacer or. Gremlin. Probably impossible to find these days.

    I think you guys are starting to hit your own stride. The first season was a bit awkward, but now the chemistry is gelling and I love the interplay. Keep up the great work!

    1991 Porsche 928 GT (Supercharged)
    2012 Jetta Sportwagen TDi

  5. Great meeting you last night,way cool for you to take the time and sit down and speak with us.Best of luck and keep it in between the lines!!!!

  6. Hi Rutledge,

    My family, friends and I LOVE Top Gear. We think you guys are funny, the cars you guys feature are incredible and we have managed to learned alot from the show which is not a good thing when you 21 yr. old takes your 335I and tries to drive it like Tanner.
    Anyways, I sure hope History picks up another season of Top Gear.
    Thank you for all the fun.

  7. Hi Rut. my 5 year old son is a huge fan of Top Gear. He never missed a single episode and loves you guys.. Hope to see season 3 soon..

  8. All I can say is that there better be a season 3! The show is informative, funny and the camera work is incredible. The three of you have great chemistry. Couldn’t imagine any other hosts steering us all through the adventures Top Gear! Great website! Good luck in the All Star Showdown!

    • Cool! I will post all the info on it here and on twitter and Facebook. It’s always free and easy to sign up. Thanks for wanting to come see us! Hope we get to see you out there.

  9. Despite my low expectations I have become a big fan of the show. You guys managed to Americanize something without spoiling it. Don’t think someone has ever before pulled off that trick! So keep up the good work. Perhaps you can shoot some episodes abroad, take with you 3 American cars and then challenge the locals and their cars?!

  10. hey rut… just wanted to say you are my hero!! the beard, glasses, swag, and your intrest in cars. everything. and one of the best guys on top gear… nest to adam then tanner. hope your site is successful and defiantly buying a shirt!!

  11. rut you’re a lucky guy! you got the chance to drive cool cars! HOPE FOR S3 OF TOPGEAR! maybe you should take 3 US cars around europe. And i think this could be the choices:
    Corvette ZR1
    Chevy Camaro SS/ZL1
    Ford Mustang Boss 302 LS
    Cadillac CTS-V

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