If you missed Rutledge on Good Morning America, check it out…


Rutledge stopped in for a Q&A with his friends over at Jalopnik during a recent trip to NYC.  Is Rutledge a “cake eating hipster?”  You be the judge…

Rutledge’s first appearance on a late night show was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to promote the first season of Top Gear on History.


10 thoughts on “Appearances

  1. Nowthen Rut’,
    Just to let you know that I enjoy TGUS, when shown on BBC3, and I consider myself a man whose is hard to please.
    The point I’d like to make in defence of your programme, to all those who “slag it”, is that it is’nt only that car culture is different between our two countries, it’s tv culture as well.
    As a man of a certain age, think of Carkson and May, I grew up in country with only 3 tv channels, 2 BBC, (licence payer funded), and one ITV, (funded by paid advertising).
    Therefore, your average British person when watching tv is far more patient than his American counterpart, who seems to need instant gratifacation. Cheers, David R.J. Fisher.

  2. Enjoyed you videos. Found this site through your interview with Adam Corolla at the LB Grand Prix. I’m a big NASCAR, and Top Gear fan. Good luck to you, Rutledge, at the Grand Prix.

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  8. Hey I just want to know what happened to the show lost in transmission ? Kind a like that show , Think someone is going to pick that up on a different type of network ? And did you ever think about doing a Facebook or YouTube show based on that on your own ? Really like to know thanks Sam

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