10 thoughts on “Top Gear

  1. I love Top Gear. You, Adam, and Tanner make it hilarious, but serious and don’t spend too much time fooling around. Your show is so good, that I once couldn’t stop watching it. Thanks for making such a great show and not in British*.

  2. Great show just can’t get enough. Very mad when the season ended. I think I wAtch tooooo much of ur show because I’ve seen every one at least five times any ways keep up the great work!!

  3. Hey Rutledge.

    Watched the premier episode of season 4 here in the UK (watched it online), awesome episode. All the best with the rest of the season, can’t wait to see it.

  4. my name is André Barbosa da Costa’m Brazilian and I’m your big fan, you and very funny and entertaining in top gear thanks for making me have fun and teach everything about the cars I’m yours does continue like you and my idol

    Andre Barbosa da Costa … Street: No. 93 Walter Tardelli Ribeirão Preto – SP Brazil

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